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No Longer Afraid | Paperback, 282 pages | ©2010

Dr. Ian MacDermid develops a crush on his best friend’s sister-in-law after spotting her in a family photo. He cannot believe his luck when she accepts a job at his college and then moves into the house he has for rent. Even though Mac is a twice divorced man who wonders if all women cheat, and Maggie is a survivor of domestic violence with trust issues of her own, they are magic together. However, the sparks that fly have nothing to do with magic, but erupt from the knowledge that Maggie and her sister have kept secrets from Mac. He is the most compassionate man that Kate has ever known and prays that he will understand her sister’s plight and the reasons for the life-altering choices she’d been forced to make.

Enough with the Secrets Paperback, 288 pages @2012

Claire had blocked any thoughts of him a lifetime ago, convincing herself that she felt nothing for him…not love, not hate, nothing…and she’d survived without him. But now that he’d be seeing their daughter, Maggie, reminders of his rejection returned with a vengeance. Why had he turned on her, never coming to get her like he’d promised, never contacting her at all? She figured that with all the resources available to one of society’s privileged few, he could have easily found her, but when she never heard from him, she understood one thing…he wasn’t looking for her because she was the last thing he wanted. Still in her heart of hearts, she knew that there had to be more to the story and with the help of their daughter, she’d search until she found the truth.


1. The first chapter describes an episode of domestic violence in excruciating detail. Do you think such a vivid depiction of abuse was necessary? Have you ever known
anyone who may have experienced such abuse?

2. Maggie teaches her colleagues how to recognize the signs of a potentially abusive personality. Did the specifics of her lecture remind you of anyone you know or may
have known in your lifetime?

3. Mac falls head over heals for Maggie very quickly. Do you think he is too controlling? Does a controlling man or woman make a good partner? Can they change?

4. Why didn’t Kate make sure that Mac knew the truth about her sister from the onset if they were such good friends?

5. If Maggie was so afraid that she carried a gun and had a dog for protection, why did she come home and possibly put her family in danger, too? Could you stay away from your
family for a decade like she did?

6. Maggie and her sister are very accomplished women. Why would one of them become a victim of domestic violence and not the other? Do you believe that it could happen to
anyone? Why or why not?

7. Why does Maggie seem to be a target of abuse at work and in her personal life? Do you think there is something about her personality that attracts abusive men?

8. Do you understand more about domestic violence now that you have read this book?


1. Claire is seeking redemption. She believes the only way to get it is by becoming involved in her daughter’s lives on a daily basis. Couldn’t she have kept her career in Arizona and simply visited her daughters more often?

2. Claire ended a ten year relationship. Was she running away when she left Arizona? Did Maggie really need her mother to help her heal?

3. Even though she didn’t purposely abandon her children, Claire always regretted leaving them to be raised by her mother. Do you know of women who have abandoned their children? Were their reasons for doing so legitimate?

4. Unbeknownst to Claire and Grant, their parents did connive to keep them apart. Do you believe that they had a right to do so considering the circumstances?
Have you ever known anyone who attempted to do the same thing? Did they succeed?

5. Almost forty years have passed since Claire and Grant have seen each other. Grant said he’d always known that she was the one. Is this possible after so many years? Do you know of anyone who reconciled after decades of

6. Claire has endured mental health issues her entire life and fights to keep depression at bay. Luckily, Grant understands the stigma that comes with it and can talk to her about it. One in four people suffer from a mental health
disorder. Do you think the stigma is still alive and well in our society?

7. Maggie discovers that she has a half-brother. Would you have welcomed a half sibling as an adult? Do you know of anyone who learned of a sibling later in life?

8. Every member of the family wants to find a way to help Abby when her birthmother is revealed. Could any one of them have handled it differently? Should it have been kept a secret for so long?

9. Grant and Claire inherit a great deal of money when his father passes on. For reasons of their own, they both decide not to keep it. Do you think that most people would be able to give it up?

10. Do you believe that Claire redeemed herself? Did she really need to after all?

Home to Lake Louise

No Longer Afraid
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Enough with the Secrets
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